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Long term contract hire is also flexible at N.A. Forklifts. Customers needs and requirements will probably change over the length of the contract, we are here to help you when requirements change. Trucks can be exchanged or shortened and many of our customers enjoy the flexibility of our long term contract hire program.

Long Term Contract Hire

This is now the most popular method of operating materials handling equipment. A fixed contract hire rate is set by calculating the number of hours the truck is used and the working conditions, and then a weekly hire rate is obtained depending on the type of service contract required.


Contract options

Good after sales support is vital to ensure maximum utilisation of both the equipment and the operator so that your investment translates into increased productivity, efficiency and profitability.  Our aim is to work closely with our customers to provide the best service possible. 

When you highlight a requirement for material handling equipment, or require replacement plant we can offer consultancy to come up with the best package for you. Our maintenance contract included:


Contract Hire 

The benefits of contract hire are that, all the equipment is owned by the rental company. In addition, all of the maintenance cost are factored into the installments for the hire period. This gives greater transparency for the expected life cost of the equipment and ensures that it will be cared for. The equipment is returned to the rental company at the end of the contract period.

Lease Purchase

Buying equipment using the Lease Purchase method simply spreads the cost over a pre-determined period. This is usually 3, 4 or 5 years, depending on your circumstances. Obviously, the longer the period, monthly payments are going to be less. Upon making the first payment, ownershipof the equipment is transferred to the end user. Because the ownership of the equipment rests with the customer, it will be part of any 'on balance sheet' accounting. A VAT charge for the whole value of the equipment is also payable with first payment instalment when using Lease Purchase.

Equipment Procurement

N.A. Forklifts are constantly looking into purchase redundant and surplus to requirement forklift trucks. Whatever the make, model or quantity, we would welcome the opportunity to tender for any disposal of your plant. We are able to give approximate valuations over the telephone, particularly if the equipment is relatively recent. We are, however, most willing to carry out detailed inspections and on-site valuations, providing a more accurate assessment on behalf of both parties. Once the equipment has been valued, we would confirm our offer to purchase in writing, and also ensure cleared funds, prior to any arrangement being made for collection.

Equipment Hiring

We have a range of products that can be hired on both a short or long term basis. The following list is a breakdown of all the items we currently offer on hire agreement:

NISSAN, NO1L15HQ£50.00 / 1 WEEK
Komatsu, FD20T-11E£65.00 / 1 YEAR
Crown, WP2330S£27.00 / 6 MONTH
Toyota, 7FBRE14£55.00 / 1 WEEK
Linde, T16£45.00 / 1 WEEK
Mitsubishi, FD18T-F16D£195.00 / 1 WEEK
Linde, E14£65.00 / 1 WEEK
Linde, T20SF£30.00 / 1 WEEK
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